Intuitive Creativity Drawing by Mindy Hall

deterioration signs
are ignored there will

be problems. Whether
we are talking about the
human body, a

country, building, house,
bridge, forest, relationship,
highway, government —

it matters not. Once
erosion, illness, fault lines
or lack of care and

attention are in
place, problems will ensue. The
‘invitation’ to

breakdowns has been sent.
What structures in your life are
you ignoring? Is

your body ache-y,
tired, congested, stiff? Is your
mind often scattered?

Are you patching leaks
in your house without finding
the root cause of the

problem? Are potholes
merely being filled, only
to become bigger

next April? Hairline
fractures — wherever they show
up — are warning signs

of larger issues
with the infrastructure. We
are seeing this all

around us — lack of self
care, the way we relate to
others, our homes,

our environment.
Collapse is all around us.
It. Is. Heartbreaking.
(Haikus #3504–3516)

I always learn so much from you. Thank you for continuing to write, share, reflect and repeat.

Powerful piece! Thank you for, as always, shedding light and details on the truth. The true truth.

One of the most important, the most straightforward the most necessary pieces I have read -- and I've been doing tons of reading and educating myself for decades, but much more intensely over the past 4 years started with Ibram X. Kendi's Stamped from the Beginning. I need to be reminded that simply by being white I am benefitting from the obvious and not-so-obvious systems. I get frustrated with many people (including myself) that as white people we can segment this work. I could go on and on, but really I just want to say thank you for writing this. I am saving it to revisit regularly and will be sharing it both with individuals and on social media.

Yes, yes, yes!! My path over the past 5 years has been this -- I retired a bit early (even though lots of people advised working longer for a larger pension) and then started making more and more choices that felt right to me. The pandemic (with all of its awfulness) ramped up (or slowed down....) my process. I am now part of an Ayurvedic community that offers tons of support and guidance with lots of like-minded/hearted/souled folks who are at all different stages along this path. Thank you for composing this article, written in simple terms, that I will save, share and refer to often.

Mindy Hall

Feminist, social justice activist, retired middle school history teacher, former union leader, aunt, sister, daughter, friend. My passions drive me.

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